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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Albert Einstein
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About Me

I have been providing amazing entertainment for people of all ages for well over 30 years.  Like most people who perform magic, I became interested at a very young age.  I began practicing regularly at age 12.  Since then I have performed my brand of magic for thousands of people in a variety of venues.  My abilities have allowed me to perform at corporate events, night clubs, and schools.  Additionally, I was one of several magicians featured on the popular television show “Bay Area Backroads”.  


Walk Around

Beautiful sleight of hand magic, performed for small groups during the cocktail hour.  Walk around magic can also be performed table side as guests are waiting for meals to be served.  

Parlor Show

Engaging magic performed in a smaller intimate setting. Performances in this category of magic include civic and fraternal organizations, business groups, private parties and similar venues. 

Close-Up Show

Magic performed in close proximity to those watching.  Nothing is more entertaining than small illusions performed right under your nose.  Often performed for small groups around a decorative table.

School Show

High energy magic magic shows used to focus on events like Red Ribbon Week or on topics like bullying.  School shows can also be designed to teach traditional learning topics such as math or science.

Children's Show

Exciting and energetic magic shows designed for children.  These shows are most often performed in the home for children celebrating a birthday, graduation, or other exciting event.  


Brentwood California


  • Gig Salad Review

    Gig Salad Review

    I hired John to do a show for my wife's 40th birthday party - which was for adults only. We had about 60 people at the party. John's show was incredible! All the guests at the party were impressed with the quality of the magic show and all were very entertained!

    Rob R.
  • Gig Salad Review

    Gig Salad Review

    Two words....Talented Performer, all I can say about John is, "Wow!" OK, I'll say a bit more...Like most people my experience with magic has been either watching on TV or as a captive audience at children's birthday parties. On December 2nd I attended the show at the California Magic Dinner Theater and was happily impressed with the magic of John Gardenier.  John is the consummate professional. He doesn't just go out there and perform magic. He engages the crowd with his hilarious sense of humor and audience participation If you're looking for someone to just run through a series of tricks and illusions, John is not your guy. I've never experienced a show where I laughed as much as I did all the while being frustrated by not being able to figure out how John was able to consistently fool me with his craft. If you're looking to be treated to a "show", don't go with an amateur, go see magic as it should be shown. Go see John Gardenier. You will be treated to a performance like none other. I really can't wait to go see another show.

    Bill Doherty
  • Yelp Review

    Yelp Review

    My name is Gerry Griffin and I am the owner of California Magic Dinner Theatre in Martinez, California.  I have had the good fortune of presenting magician John Gardenier on my supper-club stage many times.  He is a wonderful magician and an audience favorite at my club.  I extend my recommendation of him to anyone or group looking for fun, magical entertainment.  He has shows tailored for audiences of all ages.  If you don't have an occasion to book him for, please be sure to see him whenever he is appearing on our stage at the California Magic Dinner Theatre, here in Martinez.

  • Yelp Review

    Yelp Review

    John is a wonderful entertainer who puts on a great show and makes sure the crowd is not only engaged but also actively involved in the show. I would recommend him to anyone who needed entertainment for all age groups.


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