John Gardenier

Magic As It Should Be Seen

Do you need someone who can perform beautiful sleight of hand right under your nose or twist your reality with stage and platform magic? I have studied it all whether, it’s cards, coins, or your household items, everything can become magical in my hands.


I have over 30 years of experience performing hundreds of shows every year at shcools, daycares, and childrens birthday parties. My shows are always age appropriate, interactive, fast paced and designed specifically to get the kids laughing and having a good time. Not only do kids find my show very entertaining but so do most adults. I offer several show packages that will most certainly meet your needs furthermore, I guarantee your event will be super fun and stress free. It may be the best trick I perform!

If you attended an event where you saw me perform you would have received one the tricks below. If you lost your instructions or you need a little extra help learning the trick just click on the picture of the trick you would like to learn. you will magically be transported to an instructional video.

Are you looking for entertainment for your daycare, preschool or elementary school or are you having a special celebration. I can devise a custom children show that fits your needs and have created shows that convey a message and are educational. I have performed at events teaching kids about bullying, self confidence and drug awareness. I have constructed tricks and shows to teach kids about science and math. Just tell me about your event and I will perform a show to compliment your that event.


If you want to schedule an event other than a children show, please call 925.381.4288 or visit