I  have been performing magic entertainment for well over 30 years.  Like most people who perform magic, I became interested at a very young age.  Watching my older brother perform a trick with  Rubiks cube.  I watched that trick over and over again, eventually sneaking into my brother’s room to examine the cube.  I began practicing regularly at age 12 and now have performed my brand of magic for thousands of people in a variety of venues.  My skills have allowed me to perform at corporate events, night clubs, and schools additionally, I was one of several magicians featured on the popular television show Bay Area Backroads.   You can see me perform regularly at the California Magic Dinner Theater in Martinez Ca.

Do you need someone who can perform beautiful sleight of hand right under your nose or twist your reality with stage and platform magic? I have studied it all whether, it’s cards, coins, or your household items, everything can become magical in my hands. All my shows are high energy, fast paced and involve a lot of audience participation making, our event a guaranteed memorable experience.

Tell me about your event and your expectations and I will build a show to fit your needs. Over the years I have constructed shows that teach children about bullying, drug awareness. My shows also have tricks showing the importance of science and math.

Once you have experienced my show, you won’t think of entertainment in the same way again. This is your opportunity to make your next event an unforgettable experience!

If you want to schedule an event other than a children show, please call 925.381.4288 or visit www.gardeniermagic.com