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Close-Up Magician

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Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic, is a captivating form of entertainment that involves performing tricks and illusions while seated around a table. Unlike walk-around magic this is a full show as opposed to a few quick tricks. John’s sleight of hand and misdirection technique are on full display as they manipulate objects with precision and skill. Close-up magic offers an immersive, interactive, and memorable experience that captivates audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Intended for smaller audiences corporate events, private parties, or special occasions, close-up magic is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Walk Around Magician

Bay Area Magician

Walk Around Magic

Walk-around magic, also known as strolling magic or mix-and-mingle magic, is a fantastic way to add excitement and wonder to any event. Instead of a stage or a working at a table, John will move among the audience, performing tricks in an informal setting for small groups of people. This type of entertainment is ideal for the cocktail hour of your event or at the beginning of a wedding reception. With its interactive nature, versatility, and ability to create memorable moments, walk-around magic is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests and make your event truly magical.

Parlor Magician

Bay Area Magician

Parlor Magic

Parlor magic or platform magic, occupies a middle ground between close-up and stage magic. It's typically performed for small to medium-sized audiences in a more intimate setting. In parlor magic, John performs for a group of people seated in a room, often in a semi-formal or informal setting such as a living room, small theater, or banquet hall. Parlor magic offers a captivating and elegant entertainment experience that is perfect for smaller gatherings or intimate settings. Parlor magic offers a sophisticated and intimate form of entertainment that is perfect for an upscale event or private party.

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Everyone loves a great display of magic and sleight of hand.

Magic paves the way to unexpected realities and possibilities beyond our own beliefs. While it’s not possible to create real magic, you can have a glimpse of magic through a professional magician. If you want to make your event amazing, you should check out The Magic Entertainment of John Gardenier.

Founded on 2004, The Magic Entertainment of John Gardenier is my way of bringing great entertainment to life. I have been regularly practicing magic since I was 12, and I have decades of experience as a professional magician.

I have established a solid brand through word of mouth. My shows have been carefully constructed to hold audiences attention and maintain a feeling of wonder.

Imagine the delight on your guests' faces as John seamlessly integrates walk around magic into the fabric of your event, moving from group to group. With charm and charisma as his allies, he'll create moments of pure enchantment, leaving everyone spellbound with experiences they'll remember long after the event has ended.

Picture John and your guests seated around a table for his close-up magic show. Watching as he effortlessly bends reality right under your nose. With sleight of hand so smooth it's like watching silk dance in the wind, he'll leave your guests gasping in disbelief as coins teleport from hand to hand, cards reveal secrets thought lost in the shuffle, and ordinary objects transform into extraordinary marvels right in their hands.

Transport your guests to a realm where the impossible becomes possible and the improbable becomes inevitable with a parlor magic show. With John as your guide, your guests will embark on a journey through a landscape of wonder, where mind-bending illusions and captivating storytelling combine to create an atmosphere of magic and mystery that will leave them questioning the very nature of reality.

I love to create awe through , showmanship, while maintaining a high level professionalism. With John Gardenier as your magician, your event isn't just an occasion; it's a portal to a world where anything is possible, and the only limit is the bounds of imagination. Contact John Today!

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The Magic Entertainment of John Gardenier, believes that magic entertainment will remain an important part of any culture. Even in this modern age where answers are at our fingertips, many are drawn to the mystery of the unknown. Because of our innate desire for mystery Corporate Magician John Gardenier has developed shows for a variety of events and celebrations..

Like many children John was drawn into performing magic by seeing a trick performed by his brother. A mixed Rubik's cube was thrown into the air and came down solved. A simple trick shown casually at home sent John on a mission to learn and absorb as much information he could. With a lifetime dedicated to the art of magic, John Gardenier has honed his craft to perfection. Years later John launched his career as a professional magician.

John started small and eventually had a thriving client base all over the Bay Area. With John’s repertoire of creative shows and capabilities, he can make any event interesting. John performs at over 200 events every year, and has over 200 five star reviews of his work.

While John has performed many different types of magic like walk around, close-up, or stage magic. As of 2023 he began producing and performing his own show ENIGMA. This was the culmination of years of practice and an immense undertaking. However, the shows were well received and got great reviews. These reviews didn't just come from the customers who saw the show. The owners of Longevity Wines where the show premiered also were very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the performances.

The Magic Entertainment of John Gardenier offers a lot of entertainment options. However, for John Gardenier, magic isn't just about tricks; it's about crafting unforgettable moments of wonder and delight. With his unique blend of artistry and showmanship, John captivates audiences of all ages, leaving them spellbound and craving more.

You deserve the best magical entertainment that you can get your hands on. The Magic Entertainment of John Gardenier is just one call away!

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